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Navigating Time Management

The Academy of Management Journal published a study showing that successful time management can lead to “critical outcomes in well-being and job performance” (Aoen and Aguinis 2017). In an era of our lives when motivation can be lacking, effective time management may save the day. Whether you spend hours in front of a screen attemptingContinue reading “Navigating Time Management”

Tip of the Week: How to Maximize Your Viewer’s Learning Experience

Despite the whole world moving to increasingly-virtual learning experiences, it can be hard to adjust to teaching online. Even for those who have had experience with online learning, there is always room to improve. Drawing on our experience and research, we have compiled tips from a variety of subject experts on how to best captureContinue reading “Tip of the Week: How to Maximize Your Viewer’s Learning Experience”

Expert Feature: Jamal Bilal on Telling Stories

EvolvEd intern Bryant Blackburn sits down for a conversation with Jamal Bilal, a storyteller, writer, producer and comic book artist in New York City. BB: I usually start interviews by asking for the guest to introduce themselves, but you say on your website you don’t like talking about yourself, so, instead, I’d like to askContinue reading “Expert Feature: Jamal Bilal on Telling Stories”

EvolvEd CEO Benjamin Horst Interviewed for Tech People Podcast

Our CEO, Benjamin Horst, was recently interviewed by Ken Coyne for his Tech People podcast in a segment about launching new technology products. Drawing from his experience with EvolvEd, along with prior positions at Bloomberg LP, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Shapeways, Six Apart and others, the interview covers topics including how to build aContinue reading “EvolvEd CEO Benjamin Horst Interviewed for Tech People Podcast”

Expert Feature: David Sauvage on Empathy

EvolvEd intern Annie Wang sits down for a conversation with David Sauvage, an expert on empathy and trainer of emotional intelligence. He has consulted various companies about incorporating empathy systematically in their organization such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Read about his thoughts on the role of empathy in individual interpersonal relationships, corporations, marketing, and politics!

Expert Feature: Justine Thorner on Eating Healthy!

EvolvEd intern Annie Wang sits down for a conversation with Justine Thorner, an expert on nutrition. Read about her tips for eating healthy, shopping organic, her thoughts on trendy foods, and finding what works for you!


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