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Expert Feature: David Sauvage on Empathy

EvolvEd intern Annie Wang sits down for a conversation with David Sauvage, an expert on empathy and trainer of emotional intelligence. He has consulted various companies about incorporating empathy systematically in their organization such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Read about his thoughts on the role of empathy in individual interpersonal relationships, corporations, marketing, and politics!

Expert Feature: Justine Thorner on Eating Healthy!

EvolvEd intern Annie Wang sits down for a conversation with Justine Thorner, an expert on nutrition. Read about her tips for eating healthy, shopping organic, her thoughts on trendy foods, and finding what works for you!

EvolvEd Technologies LLC Announces Partnership with Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions

EvolvEd Technologies LLC and Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions have announced a partnership to bring Eazy-Digi’s online tutors to the growing EvolvEd community. This collaboration utilizes the Partner Page feature on EvolvEd: organizations that partner with EvolvEd can create their own branded page on the site, displaying information about the organization and serving as an umbrella underContinue reading “EvolvEd Technologies LLC Announces Partnership with Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions”

Expert Feature: Alomaja Adebayo on Education in the Digital Age

EvolvEd intern Annie Wang sits down for a conversation with Alomaja Adebayo, Head of Research and Operations at Eazy-Digi EdTech Solutions, a recent partner of EvolvEd. In addition to guiding educators through the creation of digital content, Adebayo tutors high school and college-level math and physics on EvolvEd. Read about the founding of Eazy-Digi andContinue reading “Expert Feature: Alomaja Adebayo on Education in the Digital Age”

Word of the Week: Lethargic

Lethargic: having a lack of energy and feeling weak; lazy or drowsy. It comes from the Greek word ληθαργικός (lethargikos), which means ‘drowsy’, and was first used in the 1590s.  Example Comic on a Sluggish Day: How To Say ‘Lethargic’ In Different Languages: Italian Letargico (pronounced leh-tar-gee-co) Korean 무기력 한 (pronounced mugilyeog han; also meansContinue reading “Word of the Week: Lethargic”

Expert Roundtable: Wellness and Wellbeing

On Thursday, August 13th from 5:00-6:00 PM Eastern, EvolvEd Technologies will host its first Expert Roundtable. The format: We’re all thinking about our health in these unusual circumstances, whether it be physical, emotional, social, or psychological. EvolvEd co-founder Vik Jindal will be joined by site experts Sarah Emily Sajdak and Varsha Mathur for a live discussion onContinue reading “Expert Roundtable: Wellness and Wellbeing”

Expert Feature: Taj Krieger on Cycling

EvolvEd intern Johnathan Dean gets the chance to sit down with cycling extraordinaire and mountain biking beast, Taj Krieger. Taj touches on his training, the different types of biking he enjoys, and some tricks he can do.

Word of the Week: Solitude

Solitude: being alone, usually by choice. It comes from solitudinem, a Latin word which means ‘loneliness’, but solitude often has a positive connotation. The word first became popular in the 17th century.  Example Comic on a Quiet Lunch: How To Say ‘Solitude’ in Different Languages: Swahili Upweke (pronounced oop-weh-kay) Morse Code … — .-.. ..Continue reading “Word of the Week: Solitude”


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