Expert Feature: Carey Lee on Histories and Cultures of Asia

BB (Bryant Blackburn): Hi, Carey How are you? CL (Carey Lee): I’m doing great! Life is as well as it can be. BB: So, we’ve known each other for a couple years, but please introduce yourself for the EvolvEd community: In your words, who is Carey Lee and what is she working on? CL: That’sContinue reading “Expert Feature: Carey Lee on Histories and Cultures of Asia”

Welcoming our New Intern, Bryant

A new member has joined the EvolvEd marketing team for the fall semester! Bryant Blackburn is from Brooklyn, New York and a sophomore at Bowdoin College, where he’s pursuing a major in music composition and performance, with a minor in English. At Bowdoin, Bryant plays bass in the jazz combos, is a member of Bowdoin’s SaturdayContinue reading “Welcoming our New Intern, Bryant”