Expert Feature: Jamal Bilal on Telling Stories

EvolvEd intern Bryant Blackburn sits down for a conversation with Jamal Bilal, a storyteller, writer, producer and comic book artist in New York City. BB: I usually start interviews by asking for the guest to introduce themselves, but you say on your website you don’t like talking about yourself, so, instead, I’d like to askContinue reading “Expert Feature: Jamal Bilal on Telling Stories”

Welcoming our New Intern, Bryant

A new member has joined the EvolvEd marketing team for the fall semester! Bryant Blackburn is from Brooklyn, New York and a sophomore at Bowdoin College, where he’s pursuing a major in music composition and performance, with a minor in English. At Bowdoin, Bryant plays bass in the jazz combos, is a member of Bowdoin’s SaturdayContinue reading “Welcoming our New Intern, Bryant”

Expert Feature: Alomaja Adebayo on Education in the Digital Age

EvolvEd intern Annie Wang sits down for a conversation with Alomaja Adebayo, Head of Research and Operations at Eazy-Digi EdTech Solutions, a recent partner of EvolvEd. In addition to guiding educators through the creation of digital content, Adebayo tutors high school and college-level math and physics on EvolvEd. Read about the founding of Eazy-Digi andContinue reading “Expert Feature: Alomaja Adebayo on Education in the Digital Age”